Vampires, Vampires, and more Vampires! Why is vampire themed anime/manga/ and other stories so popular?

Across history and various lore, vampires have captivated hearts, cults, and airways. From graphic novels to movies, vampires (no matter if they are half breeds, synthetics, mutant, or some form of ghost type) seems to sell and keep people glued.

One of the most famous and often dubbed the best vampire story of all time, is Vampire Hunter D. Copies of the animated movies are hard to come by. VHS versions sell in used condition for around $58.00 and up per copy. Where the DVD versions can be higher then that in good slightly scratched quality.

Image from google images in reference to the movie. For the official site for the character click here : Vampire Hunter D Official Site

Vampire Hunter D is renowned for setting the bar in what we know and love about non-traditional vampires, action, and vigilantes. Similar stories in the same tempo are: Trinity Blood, Hellsing, Blade, Noblesse, Underworld, and Blood or Blood((+) depending on if you are talking about the tv show, manga, or movie). In Vampire Hunter D, D (dhampir- half vampire half human) is a half-breed vampire in a post apocalyptic world who hunts other vampires, demons, oppressors, and mutants. The over all tone is serious, but with D’ symboite on his left hand, he is able to kick ass, and suck things into a voided abyss, while keeping audiences laughing from time to time. In most of the first movies, D strikes fear into noble vampires since he is the son of a very high ranking and powerful one. The on going rumor is he is some form of a descendant to Count Dracula.

Released in 1983 by author Hideyuki Kikuchi with illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano; there are over 31 novels collectively. Some consisting of reprises and different volumes.  Back in 2016, it was rumored a new animated version was suppose to have been released at the end of that year. Nothing is confirmed on that as of now.

If that isn’t your type of vampire story, don’t worry there are others. Most often, viewers and readers are looking for romance. To escape the personality types facing their everyday life or to appease the call in their hearts, many turn to vampire love/lust. Even though, in most cases the vampires kill and drain life from their lovers, or victims; audiences are captivated by the mind games and moral struggles the characters face. More often, this type is marketed towards women/gay/or bi men, but like all stories, there is something for every type of sexual preference. Examples of this are: Vampire Dairies, Strike the Blood, Vampire Knight, *Most things from Anne Rice, Vampire Princess Miyu (Kyuuketsuhume Miyu), Bloodivores, and Dance in the Vampire Bund. 

Image provided by google images of Bloodivores. To learn more click: Time Prisoners (Site is mostly Japanese)

*** Boyfriend/Husband Points Alter!!!!! *** If you want your girlfriend or soon to be to, interested in anime/ manga/ gaming/ ect: maybe try to introduce her/him to vampire love stories. This only works if she/he likes love stories, vampires, and/or chick flicks. This could provide some kind of common ground to talk to her /him about and an addition for your hang out and chill 😉 NOTE: Don’t try any Hentai unless you know they are into stuff like that. You may come off as creepy and overly desperate. Get to know your person before you start off the bat like that. Pace your self Captain ****

Example of an Hentai-ish anime (Hentai: Japanese word for pervert, pervert anime, or pornography that is animated) is Diabolik Lovers. Even though the broadcast has been altered for the US market, Diabolik Lovers is still one of the top selling anime, and multi-platform game for its type. Starting out as a visual novel from development company Rejet and released for Playstation, Diabolik Lovers centers around several brother vampires who give a young girl the option to pick any of them as her lover. Now if you are thinking along the lines of the bachelorette but with vampires, your pretty close, but there are rules and differences between the brothers. I.e: Dark, Maniac, and Ecstasy.

Image from Crunchyroll. To watch the episodes click: Diabolik Lovers on Crunchyroll

The game was released in 2012, has 6 installments, 2 remastered, and 2 animated series. Often listed under Sadism, Harem, and Shoujo; there has been a stage play production in 2015, with a new one in the works in Japan. With no signs of the franchise ending or slowing down; event seekers, themed parties goers, and cosplayers can look forward to being a sure fire hit amongst cult classics.

So why is there such an appeal to vampires and vampirism? Is the love for the un-dead so grasping that it’s celebrated having deep connections to emotional parts of the human psyche?

I think it’s the desire to do the unthinkable while being able to still function. The call of having super human strength, no real limitations, to defy, and cheat death is what draws people in. Also, the allure of having some connection when you are “dead inside” contrary to what is considered to be normal, makes vampires relatable. In theory, vampires can answers the questions of, “How many ways can a being, who doesn’t usually fit in, try to blend in to society while still getting what it needs?” Now am I saying… every time someone goes through an emotional struggle go out and become a vampire.. no not all.

Throughout time, humans have often used stories, parables, and various myths to relate and over come circumstances while providing hope for something better. No matter if its a better way of life, skill set, opportunity, or a different journey to spark into something else, a good story can give an alternate perspective on life itself.

Different genres do different things. Horror usually kicks in critical thinking, and flight or fight skills. The viewer/reader starts to think about what the character or themselves would do in the situation. Love/Lust appeases the desires for intimacy, and Action can also release endorphins. Both increases circulation and stimulation across the body while giving the mind a break from the normal day to day tasks. So no matter what story arch you are going for, maybe your next favorite thing might involve a vampire or two.

Here at Attack of the Blerds we are interested in your thoughts, comments, and ideas. What is your favorite vampire story and why? What do you feel makes many people gravitate towards vampires? Comment below or feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr. Don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud and iTunes. We will be posting various things to our new Youtube Channel very soon. Be on the look out for that as well.

As always, Stay awesome!- Tahulla Setsena March 11, 2017

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