Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Epic Level!!!

As of April 25, 2017 Heroes Launched its new update for the North America Market. They will keep updating every region from now until May 22, 2017. Various new features have been added along with a new champion Oni Genji (from Overwatch) and a new board Hanamura Showdown.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.13.52 AM
Image captured from Battle.net Patch update by Tahulla Setsena. For more info about the update click: Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Update

The thing to watch out for is the new Heroes Mega Bundle. There are 1 of 4 you can choose from. Since real money has been removed from the game now and there system is converted to using Gems, Heroes will gift existing players with 100 Gems to get one of these themed bundles. Each bundle has a variety of 20 Champs. If you are not sure which set to get, take the quiz below the selection on the options screen to find out. The option for taking the quiz is kinda small and in a blue box with a purple border, so if you scroll too fast you will miss it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.57.19 AM
Image captured from Battle.net by Tahulla Setsena. For more info on Hero Bundles Click: Mega Hero Bundles 

Loot Boxes contain various items like skins, spray (new ability to tag an area while in game play for 8 secs), portraits, and more. Since this is a conversion for existing players, you can expect to get several of these when you first log in. There is an option to re-roll the items in the boxes, but once you re-roll those items are discarded.  Make your choices wisely. Later on in game play and with the new player progression, you have the option to get more Loot Boxes.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 3.57.03 AM
Image capture from Battle.net by Tahulla Setsena. For more info on this click: Mega Hero Bundles

Make sure to login and grab a friend to complete the new quest. New launch quests will be released for the next 4 patches and will have options to spill over the spoils to various other games offered by Blizzard, such as, Overwatch. Also with player progression, your account limit is no longer set to 40. There will be rolling sets of 100 to reset to new items and progress. For each set of 5 or 25 you will get more items like gems, loot boxes, gold, ect. Don’t worry regular in game money will still be given as usual.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 4.04.34 AM
Image capture from Battle.net by Tahulla Setsena. Learn about Genji here at: Heroes of the Storm Heros

For those cross platform player who play League of Legends, you may find this new style of Heroes similar. League went to its current gameplay feel in 2015. With shards, acting like crafting items, players can create and mold other ascetic items for their favorite champs.

For people who have never played Heroes but play League, you will notice that the matches are quicker and the map is smaller. Heroes takes some of the best concepts from the early playing style of League, but with more maps and objective options. The button and mouse sequences are the same.

I hope that they will not introduce Rune Development and more things along the lines of League. Its great to have similar games, just not the exact same. Both are dynamic and have a large following. It would be a disservice to have them match up completely.

Looking forward to seeing many of you all in the Nexus. What are you all looking forward to with this new update? Comment below or on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr page. Don’t forget to follow us on Soundcloud, iTunes, Instagram, and youTube.

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As always stay awesome- Tahulla Setsena April 26, 2017

Attack of the Blerds Poster created by Diom. For more details about this event click: Live Event at La Vie Attack of the Blerds


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