A Tale As Old As Time?: Hellsing & Hellsing Ultimate

Manga Cover of Hellsing  courtsey of Wikipedia

Amen! If you are person who enjoys the Seinen type of Manga and Anime, (mature content usually with deeper engaging storylines targeted towards audience between the ages of 20-50’s), then you will enjoy Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate. Written and illustrated by Kouta Hirano, this Japanese manga takes a different spin to some classical characters which most are familiar with. Having a cult following, the manga released in 1997 was later adapted into anime in 2001 by Funimation and Universal Studios.

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Title Image of Hellsing Anime screenshot from Crunchyroll

Many would think that the animated versions of Hellsing and Hellsing Ultimate are a prequel/sequel to the overall story. However, there are distinct differences between the two. It seems that Hellsing was made for general TV viewing consisting of 13 eps with focus on characters Alucard and his companion Seras Victoria.

Image of Seras Victoria from Google Images

For the most part, the storyline is told from the perception of Seras and her coming to grips with becoming a vampire while working for the Hellsing Organization. Seras is a very young police officer who finds herself in conflict with her ability to handle the uprising of vampires, crime, good/evil, and interpersonal struggles of her identity. Seras is very campy and her character will have you asking yourself, “WTF are you thinking, … OMG really, … Dude just do it!!! …, WOW!”

As for Alucard, he is a bit of a mystery. No one really knows who he is, but he shows his ability of being more then just a turned vampire. He is regarded as a nobleman, pureblood, and the genuine deal. With the inflow of synthetically made vampires, he is more then willing to eradicate the shameful display to his lineage. Now I know, this almost sounds like Vampire Hunter D, Castlevania, or other very close vampire stories that involve a vampire killing his own kind or other paranormal/taboo entities. Even using the name Hellsing, gives a lot away, but bare with me on this story. It’s not what you think.

Image of Alucard from Google Images

By the last episode, you learn Alucard has many different levels and restrictions on him. Also, alongside of Walter C. Dornez (the Hellsing butler), and Integra Hellsing (leader of the Hellsing Organization), they are able to accomplish a lot in uncovering deception, corruption, but the root cause of the vampire outbreak is left undetermined.

For a Funimation/ Universal Studios production, I found myself asking, “where is this going?” The tempo of this series seemed a bit drawn out with many things left unsaid. There are all kinds of hints around subjects with no character over powering the other. Alucard is showcased as the dominating force towards the end, but there is a deep suspense in wanting to know more; not just  general views on things. As action packed, thought provoking, and what did I just watch as Hellsing is, I found it to be important to watch this first without skipping it.

Title Image of Hellsing Ultimate from Google Images

The first thing you will notice with Hellsing Ultimate is the logo change, and the overall feel of the opening sequence. The music is more enticing and the logo is darker with a different quote. Ultimate starts out with a bang, summarizing Hellsing in the first 3 episodes, but with different scenarios. Not knowing who’s point of view or perception the story is being told from, it answers a lot of the lingering questions. Ultimate is not just a step up from Hellsing, but it’s much more dynamic. Ultimate is very much an 18+ all the way through. The gore, conversations, situations, and sexual nature is enhanced. Coloration, sound, and tempo has been increased making it more vibrant while giving it sinister feel.

Alucard in Battle with Alexander Anderson. Image from Googles Images

The characters have more depth to them. Seras’s outfit is now yellow instead of blue plus, her caricature is drawn in a way that makes her seem a bit less then innocent. Now called a Draculina, she is more involved with things, no where near as naive, and devoted.

Integra and Alucard. Image from Google Images.

Integra and Alucard’s relationship is explained, as well as Integra’s powerful position. All the major characters have a backstory episode from Walter to Alexander Anderson. With the new introduction of the Wild Geese, the plot thickens. There is an over use of everyone saying their full names as a power up or display of authority. As well as, Alexander Anderson, (High Priest of the Iscariot Organization) on a constant rant with various incantations using his over powered butt kick-ery. (<–A made up word, but needed)

Alexander Anderson in battle with Alucard. Image from Google Images

Walter becomes increasingly notable not just as a butler, and point of wisdom. His interaction with all the major characters is a nice change to what the first series allowed. Although a man in his elder years, his figure is much more then a Yoda or Sebastian from Black Butler; as most would have made that connection.  He is known as the Angel of Death for a reason.

Image of Walter from Google Images

Each episode in this series is roughly around an hour. With so much going on, you will find yourself pausing and rewinding anyway. Just when you think the show is about to climax, there is another twist. The real protagonist is introduced early on in the series. Something that I don’t think anyone of the viewer/readers are ready for. One of the most feared and memorable groups/people of our time. I’m serious, I don’t even think you are ready for me to even write this. This is such a mind blowing twist, I myself yelled at the screen,

“How in the Hell is that possible?! Really, you got to to be kidding me. Oh freaking NO!!! No NO No NO no!” —–>


Are you ready? Take a deep breath and prepare yourself for this. 3……… 2…………. 1……..





Image of Nazi Party in the Hellsing Ultimate Anime from Google Images

Nazi’s! Yes, that’s right Nazi’s. Not Hitler, but the remaining Nazi party who Alucard and Walter thought they eliminated approximately 50-70yrs in the past. Turns out they have somehow made themselves immortal or non-aging. There is a small battalion of 3000 left who are hell bent on an uprising and total destruction of Europe. If you are sipping a drink and spit it out while reading this, just wait it gets more interesting. This sleeper cell of characters is comprised of a taste of all fact and fiction, historic equipment and vehicles, plus also being funded by the Catholic Church. Yup, the Catholic Church who the Iscariot Organization is also a member of. (You can now spit out your drink for a second time.)

Seras talking to Alucard. Image from Google Images

These Nazi’s have done their homework and have a plans for each of major characters. In history, we know that the party was already well versed in science, evolution, manipulation, power, playing both sides of the coin, and detailed agendas. How will the Hellsing Organization and other Heroes defeat them? Will they be defeated? Who is Alucard really? You will just have to watch it. I’m not spoiling it for you. 🙂 It’s that good. You can catch the episodes on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VRV or other animation streaming sites.

Hellsing Ultimate does peer the question, since the timeline for both series is set to be around our current time (years 2015-2025ish), what type of forces would we need to stop rabid vampires making zombies, and Nazi if they were to make a comeback? At this point, I don’t think anyone is prepared for an outbreak of either of them. I would vote for all united forces, (militant, factions, religious and non-religious), Alucard and the Hellsing Organization, Jesus Christ, The Justice League, all Marvel Heroes, Godzilla, He-man, Street Sharks, Ninja Turtle, all the hero characters of RWBY, Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, the current World’s Strongest Man, all Martial Art Masters, every MMA Champion; really alone who can help. To me anything involving the active movement of Nazi will have to be countered by all extreme forces. Ultimate gave me a sense that Hell, Satan, demons, and eternal damnation isn’t the most feared thing within/around or on our planet, but Nazi are. I’m sure our elders, ancestors, and those who went through WWII would agree that it was a different kind of fear/ pain, and suffering that the world should never experiences again. Hat’s off to Kouta Hirano for thinking outside the box and telling a tale so captivating, thought provoking, and different.

Alucard in Hellsing Ultimate. Image from Google Images

What are your thoughts on Hellsing and Hellsing Ulitmate? What would you do if there was a Vampire/ Zombie/ Nazi outbreak? Leave us a comment below or on one of our social media sites.

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As always, Stay Awesome. Tahulla Setsena Out!- July 21, 2017

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