It’s Fine Now. Why? Because…. I Am Here!!! Plus Ultra! Boku no My Hero Academia- Season 2 Almost Over :(

Where to begin with this amazing, gripping, and ever evolving anime.? Season 2 is coming to a close in just a few more episodes, this Weekly Shonen Comic (Manga) has everyone shouting, “Do your best!” “Plus Ultra” ” Go Beyond” ” It’s fine now…. I am Here!” “Deku!!!!” With simulcast on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and Hulu, you should be watching this coming of age tale unfold.

Promo Poster for Season 2 of My Hero Academia . Image courtesy of Googles Images

It is suggested to start with season 1 to get a basis and background story.  In a world where not all humans are created equal yet, based in present times; you will find yourself full of emotions while having an outlet to reflect on our current society.

All Might #1 Hero in My Hero Academia. Image courtesy of Googles Images

The epic, hitting them with that flex, and resilient All Might, #1 Super Hero, is running out of time as he is trying to train students to become future heroes. It is important to grow, monitor, and gain proper experience since in this world, you can easily become a villain. Yes, in a world were almost everyone has some kind of special ability, there are still villains. (Spoiler Alert in next section. Might want to skip to the next paragraph ;)) 

Hero Killer Stain. Image courtesy of Google Images.

 *** Spoiler Alert***Fans are now hooked since the Hero Killer Stain has been caught, identified, and his history revealed.  Now, the number of villains are increasing. “Come out Come out, where you are?”, has the heroes on edge and the rising stars gaining more insights about what it takes to actually be a hero.

Current Weeks Possible Cover for the latest edition of the manga featuring the villians. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Fans have completely embraced the spirit and drive of this anime/manga. Many have made custom fan art, cosplay outfits, and short stories of their favorite characters. Even though creator, Kohei Horikoshi, isn’t showing signs of slowing down developing this series, you will be awestricken by the imaginations of Buko No’s Otaku. To see fan art and concepts I suggest looking at some of the Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr fan groups.

*** If you have fan art you would like to list in this article, feel free to place it or leave a comment below. I would love to post an article of fan art for this anime/manga and give kudos to those who gets featured***

Some fun and interesting fan facts: Our favorite Cinnamon Roll (Term often dubbed for characters who are too sweet, adorable, and lovable in a series) Midoriya Izuku last name means green. His hair color and hero suit is green as well. Not only is his love of comics portrayed in various ways, he embodies the essence of most Otaku, underdogs, and black sheep. Izuku can mean nine, valley, or long ago. He is the ninth person to inherit the trait/Quirk “All for One”. Which was passed down from hero All Might.

Midoryia Izuku. Image courtesy from Google Images.

Midoryia’s hero name Deku is short for Defenseless Izuku. Deku means wooden puppet or good for nothing. Which is funny because depending on how it is written his name can mean: from long ago, coming out of a green valley is the ninth. Deku: good for nothing? – Classic play on words here.. Nice job Horikoshi…Nice freaking job 🙂 (Applause)

Katsuki Bakugou. Image courtesy from Google Images.

Katsuki Bakugou (Keechan for short) is every bit of his name. Not only sweating nitro glycerin and using it to demolish his opponents; Keechan is just like that smart, arrogant, has to be first, and talented person everyone has met at some point in life. Many question if his ambitions of becoming a hero will actually happen. He might become a chaotic good like other famous heroes in cometic lore. (Maybe a Batman type but with living parents?)  Who knows? For now we know he is the number one bully of Midoryia (giving him the name Deku), and easily recognizable in the public eye. Fans love him because of his take no shit attitude, lets get it done, strategic planing, and adaptability. Also, some of the things he says is really funny. When picking his hero name he wanted, “King Explosion Murder“. Like really? Lol.  I can see how he wanted to strike fear into his enemies, but he may want to work on not running off his allies too. This, winning with lit explosion (word play on his name), is a notable character to follow.

Shoto Todoroki. Image courtesy of Google Images.

Mr. Cold as Ice, Shoto Todoroki seems to keep revealing more and more about himself. Even at the start of season 2, several memes and gifs of his over powered quirk were circulating the web in massive numbers. (After seeing one of the gifs, I started watching the anime myself.) There is no grey area about him, except for one eye.  The other eye is blue making him a person with heterochromia. He is either Hot or Cold, literally. One side of his body is hot while the other is cold. Many fans were wondering how his training would go to embrace both sides, however he keeps surprising everyone with his well roundedness. Shoto’s personality is warming up too. Burning and freezing (meaning of the name Shoto), as each episodes go along. Having a destain for his father, his dilemma is relatable to anyone who has experienced family issues with domestic violence, favoritism, and parents living via their kids.  Yuki Kaji voices Todoroki. You might recognize his voice from shows like: Attack on Titan, Orhan High School Host Club, Noragami, Fairy Tale, Dive, Blue Exorcists, and many others.

Just watch this anime, and read the manga. Give yourself a break from daily news, social media propaganda, and millions of cat/puppies videos. Sometimes is good to have an epic visual adventure with positive notes. In ways, My Hero Academia reminds me of the X-men the animated series and Original Teen Titan, but with the look and feel of a comic. Also, each episode is better then the last. With a variety of personalities, its kinda hard to have a favorite champ. Each character displays something different that keeps you dialed in.

With that being said, do is your favorite character? Maybe a prediction or theory for an episode? Are you ready for the All Might Quirk Lineage Reveal? What are you going to watch after season 2 ends? Do you think there will be an animated season 3?  Leave us a comment below or on one of our social media sites.

Midoriya as a kid. Image courtesy of Google Images.

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As always, Stay Awesome. Tahulla Setsena Out!- August 17, 2017



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