HADO AR from Singapore

If you’re anything like me you’ve been waiting since the first time you played the Street fighter on the SNES to throw a hadoken foreal. Well my friends that day may never happen I’m terribly sorry to break the news, however there is one hell of a consolation prize.


HADO the Augmented and Virtual reality company from Singapore behind the awesomeness above.  Now your boring games of dodgeball have been upgraded to the furious firefight Akuma himself would be proud of, second thought maybe more like content with? just saying.

It seems they have the marketing engines going at full capacity already since they are already organizing a Hado World Cup event in Tokyo. It should be fun to watch, hope they stream on twitch.

With a few different options even a cart racing game in the works this looks quite promising for the future of AR gaming.

Find out more about Hado here

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