Cosplay At Its Finest From Momocon 2018

Barbaric Nerd as The Peoples Champion Thanos battling Youtuber Titus as the Perfect Cell

We came, we saw, we Blerded out!!! Attack of the Blerds landed, divided, and conquered Momocon 2018 with a bang. As we bring you some of the best highlights, interviews, and video coverage, don’t forget to like, click, and subscribe to our social media pages for live updates. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube, Soundcloud, and iTunes.

On the Gaming Center Floor Cosplay. To view the Facebook Album click: Momocon 2018 Highlights

Here are some of the best photos from all 4 days. “Momocon 2018 Highlights” Stay tuned for more details on our video/audio coverage. If you made the cut, feel free to comment your Cosplay page below, or head over to our Facebook Page and tag yourself in the photos. Thank you Momocon for allowing us to provide a glimpse of such a wonderful event.

If you missed this years convention, don’t worry there will be one next year. If you head over to the Momocon Facebook Page, you can land 4-day pass tickets for a deep discount. But this discount won’t last for long. This year, Momocon housed 36,000+ guest, celebrities, vendors, acts, and shows.

Be apart of this family friendly convention. Learn tips, tricks, attend the job fare, and get your education on with guest speaker panels, one on one interaction at booths, and more. If you want to have an out of this world nerd/geek gamer vacation; partake in the 24hr gaming section. (There is a small section for napping too 🙂 ) Also, have some downtime by reading manga in the Manga room. It is free for people to just hang out, and read once you pay for your entry to the convention. You never know you might find you new best series to feed your ear worm.

Did you attend Momocon this year? What was your favorite part of the convention? What would you have added or done differently if you had the chance to go? Comment your answers below, or on one of our social media pages.

As always stay awesome! Tahulla Setsena Out- May 30, 2018

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