AOTB is Venturing Out on

Just a few weeks ago we took our Podcasts Live on As most of you know for much of Season 2 we have been doing video Podcasts. We are still on iTunes, Soundcloud, and other audio venues, but we wanted to bring more to our fans and reach a much larger audience. Many of us use Twitch to get new tips, tricks, and insights on all things nerdy and game related.

AOTB will be bring you that and more. From our regular podcasts (mostly on Sundays around 12ish – 1-ish pm), to Gaming with Diom_Prime on Friday’s at 7pm- until?, and much more.

Don’t have Twitch? If you have an Amazon account, sign up for Amazon Prime. You will be able to access Twitch and many other features. Don’t have Amazon or Amazon Prime? No worries, will be simulcasting on our social media pages. Make sure you like, click, and subscribe, to them all to stay up to date with us.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitch, Youtube, iTunes, Soundcloud

As always stay awesome. Tahulla Setsena, Out!- August 7, 2018

attack of the blerds twitch

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