Attack of the Blerds is your central point for all things Black and Nerdy.  Here you will have access to all that we produce, from podcasts to Youtube videos, articles and etc…. Our flagship podcast: Attack of the Blerds is available anywhere podcasts can be found. Stay tuned for more media to come!

Attack of the Blerds Crew- Bios and Pics coming soon

19060185_669627143216910_7744585642325769593_n Latenight Diom Prime – Blogger, Podcaster, Commentator, Artist

12806226_190999441271520_3364426114532504079_n Tahulla Setsena- Blogger, Podcaster, Commentator, Entertainer, Designer

aotbprofile Lrd ThanosX- Podcaster, Commentator

aotbprofile Nappswearengen- Podcaster, Commentator, Artist

aotbprofile The Gameologist- Podcaster

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.26.36 PM Barbaric_Nerd- Podcaster, Barbairc Ass Thoughts Youtuber

28378506_591288374550070_7763513048351915694_n Da Blak Fairy- Podcaster, Cosplayer

aotbprofile  Miss Kevonni- Youtube Analyst, Cosplayer, Commentator

aotbprofile Ajroxx-