28378506_591288374550070_7763513048351915694_nDablakfairy, she flutters in fabulous, sparkles with sass and snorts pixie dust in shady convention rooms. This Brooklyn raised native has flown down to brighten the mundane days of her listeners with her black girl magic.

Obsessed with Manga and anime, she found the best way to transform herself into a pretty soldier was to live vicariously thru the glare of her computer screen. Avid fangirl, Married to Sesshomaru (in her head), Girlfriend to all male leads for the digidestined  (In her head!) and magically gave birth to Naruto (just commit her now), Dablakfairy enjoys sipping on hot cups of tea and overly dramatic Asian dramas.

Dablakfairy is here and she’ll teach you how to turn every comment into a dirty joke. So lock your doors, put your kids to bed and make sure you plug in your headphones, don’t let this foul mouthed fairy get you fired. 21687112_713321075514183_5222499391537793947_o

You can follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and of course on Attack of the Blerds. Email: attackoftheblerds@gmail.com

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