Aotb 12 – Ft Camomo (Cosplay)

this week we have an awesome guest Camomo cosplay and talk about Thor Podcast thor Ragnarok trailer Marvel VS DC Vixen feature film Valkyrie Superman dilemma Game of throne Colossal con featuring Camomo fb @camomocosplay IG @camomo_cosplay

AOTB 11 – Ft Rumitto (cosplay)

this episode we have special guest cosplayer Rumitto FB @seerofcosplay IG @rumitto And topics for this episode Ghost in the shell, Full Metal alchemist trailer, Defenders teaser, Welcome Home Danny rand, Economic status of African countries, American Gods, the Wicked and the divine, Gohan’s upbringing, Piccolo Step daddy of the year! Harem, vs Reverse Harem,…

Get out -Movie Review

This episode Diom, Kristina, Babaric Nerd and Dablackfairy review the hit thriller horror film “Get Out”. Warning this episode is full of spoilers, but if you haven’t seen the movie by now.. come on man!

Nintendo switch, Alien covenant and etc…

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Kickback- AOTB podcast ep 03

this is episode 03 it was recorded at a friends house, right after an event so you can hear people in the background however it should still be enjoyable