Samurai Jack Series Finale :(

In less then an hour the world will be prepared to see what will happen to our beloved hero of heroes, Samurai Jack. After a long awaited return from the original series being cancelled in 2004, fans have come out of the wood work to see how Genndy Tartakovsky, creator of Samurai Jack, would show in…

Aotb 15 – Ft Talynn Kel

  This episode we have an awesome guest TaLynn Kel for a long one on one conversation about cosplay, anime, marvel and Dc you know the usual and a lot more!! You can find out more about our guest on her website Enjoy!

Aotb 14 – House Party episode

this episode we have a full panel and a full house, #yougotitdude this is a House Party episode, which meeans we all gather at someone’s house and have a nerdout, we talk about attack on titan M Night Shyamalan assasins creed movie samurai jack amongst many things

Aotb 13 – Ft Jade Valkyrie

this week we have our guest Jade valkyrie for a one on one convo about the last jedi thor ragnarok, cosplay Troop of Dora Milaje for DragonCon sailor moon, and sailor moon Crystal and much more

Aotb 12 – Ft Camomo (Cosplay)

this week we have an awesome guest Camomo cosplay and talk about Thor Podcast thor Ragnarok trailer Marvel VS DC Vixen feature film Valkyrie Superman dilemma Game of throne Colossal con featuring Camomo fb @camomocosplay IG @camomo_cosplay

Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Epic Level!!!

As of April 25, 2017 Heroes Launched its new update for the North America Market. They will keep updating every region from now until May 22, 2017. Various new features have been added along with a new champion Oni Genji (from Overwatch) and a new board Hanamura Showdown. The thing to watch out for is…

Hearthstone- Warcraft Champs Wrecking the Digital Tabletop

If you like Magic the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, or other card games, but interested in the World of Warcraft Characters; then you are in luck. Hearthstone will be a win win for you and your need to relieve boredom. No need to buy protectors, cases, or just lug around your backpack full of rare cards. Blizzard…